Our Company

TDC Entertainment, Inc. is a locally owned business in Newberry, FL. It was founded in 1986 by Tom Collett, the PA voice for Florida Gators and Lady Gators volleyball radio. Whether you're having a wedding or a simple pool party at your property, our highly-experienced team will work with you to meet your needs.

Call us today at 352-331-0685.

Our People
Andy Berney
I was born in the late 1950's in Newark, NJ. It took me 22 years to rectify that situation and to bring myself "home" to Gainesville FL, where I have lived for the past 35+ years. During this time I attended both the University of Virginia and the University of Florida (Go Gators!), focusing on studies which were as far from my love of music as one can get.

Two events happened in 1994 that got me back on the right track......I "discovered" the fun of karaoke and I met Tom Collett, the owner (and founder) of TDC Entertainment. He needed someone to host some area karaoke shows and, so, a beautiful relationship was formed. I came to work at TDC Entertainment, initially as a karaoke host, but I quickly discovered my passion.....weddings! 
Weddings have been the milieu through which I have been able to pair my love of music with my creativity. Nothing gives me more joy than to provide the "soundtrack" of a couples' new life together. I have always had the knack of pairing unique people and situations with just the right music or song. All too often, many DJ's end up providing couples with what I call 'Cookie-Cutter' wedding music. I avoid this unfortunate pitfall by getting to know the couple, and carefully listening to their needs and desires......(Their vision for their perfect day)! After being the Emcee and DJ at well over 300 weddings, I still find them as joyous and fulfilling today, as I did over 22 years ago.

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