Trivia Event Hosting

Have Fun by Taking on Challenges

Amusement That Informs

If you're planning to test your guests' brain power and make your event fun and informative, then let TDC Entertainment, Inc. provide you and your guests an event that's entertaining and exciting.

Our formula includes a two-man team with an emcee to ask the questions and work the crowd, coupled with a DJ to select the music to keep the excitement level high! The trivia contests we craft can be filled with questions that span many categories or we can hone in on a specific category to match the theme of the event you have planned.

The Greatest Customer Care

Staying in business since 1986 means guaranteeing customer satisfaction while effectively handling complaints. That is why customer complaints are handled and scrutinized on an individual basis. The decision is made by Tom. We will either give a refund or a discount.

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